What are the latest technologies in Queuing Management Systems and successes in managing queues?


The latest technologies in queue management are:

* Remote queueing, which allows customers to join a queue from any phone or Internet-connected device
* Mobile queueing, which allows customers to wait anywhere they want and get notified on their phone as their turn approaches
* Interactive queueing, which allows customers to choose when to get served if they prefer to push themselves back when summoned, or prefer to make an appointment
* Flexappointments, which allow customers to make an appointment but get notified if their service provider is running late, and conversely notify the queue management system if they are running late (e.g. stuck in traffic)
* Predictive summoning, to ensure that customers are there when you need them
* Canceled Appointment Replacement: Automated replacement of canceled appointments and automated skipping of people who have left the mobile line
* Persistent Summoning, which ensures customers do not miss their summon notification

You can get all of these in one integrated solution.

As for successes, there are plenty of success stories:

A Fortune 500 Telco has conducted a case study comparing 9 stores using mobile wait management with stores with more staff and with a third control group to get the best queue management system. The results were as follows:

ROI of over 700% just in increased conversion rates of visitor to sale.

77% of staff wants to continue using mobile queue management system

77% of staff thinks mobile queue management is easy to use

88% of staff thinks mobile queue management is useful

Staff comments were very positive and included: » With some improvements this could be one of the best changes to our company in a long time. Much less stressful for our staff = better fan gen and staff leaders»

29% increase in positive guest comments about the wait experience

22% decrease in negative guest comments about the wait experience

34% decrease in guest comments about understaffing/capacity limitations

Average conversion rate increase of guest to paying customer in mobile queue management stores vs control weighted by category profitability: 7% (up to 12% for some categories)

Average conversion rate increase of guest to paying customer during mobile queue management use vs before weighted by category profitability: 29% (up to 55% for some categories)

Sales went up for 3 out of 4 categories with respect to control stores

Another Fortune 500 Telco saw a 9% increase in the number of customers with the patience to get served.

One restaurant saw a 75% decrease in walk-aways, resulting in an average increase in the number of customers seated by 17.6%.

A chain of restaurants saw:

o Decrease in no-shows (those who leave during the wait) of 16% due to Mobile Queuing, resulting in 2000 additional customers seated who otherwise would have got tired of waiting, and left before merchant was ready to seat them

o Estimated ROI: 22x directly measured by # of customers seated, with additional ROI from effects not measured

o Increase in Yelp reviews of 35%

A premier hotel/casino saw some of its biggest whales comment they loved the system to avoid waiting for check-in.

DMVs saw a reduction in time for people to show up for service of 15% due to predictive persistent summoning. The Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) saw a dramatic shift in news stories from negative coverage to positive coverage following conversion to mobile queue management.

Customer satisfaction surveys consistently show user satisfaction ratings of 95% to 99%.

Among companies that switch to mobile queue management, 99% of them stick with it, as measured on any given month.

Most of the technologies mentioned above have been patented by QLess, Inc.

I hope that helps. Feel free to ask additional questions.

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